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The Team Taiwan National Pool (also known as "National Pool") is the highly selective training programme set up with the intention of providing Taiwan's representative parliamentary debate competitors to domestic and international competition. This includes, first and foremost, the national representative team to the World Schools Debating Championship, but also encompass trainings and selections for other tournaments that Team Taiwan participates in - such as the Asia World Schools Debating Championships, the China National Schools Debating Championship, and many others.

Selections for National Pool debaters are conducted every year. More information can be found on our Facebook page

We aim to train a maximum number of 12 debaters through the National Pool every year. National Pool members receive expert coaching through intensive training sessions, online sessions, tournament-specific training sessions, and are invited to participate in our annual summer debate camps.

Selections are now over for this year’s National Pool.  Please check back again in October/November 2018.

Team Taiwan National Pool.


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