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The World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) is the world’s biggest high school debate tournament, often with teams representing over 60 different countries from all five continents. Only one team is allowed from each country.

The 2014 WSDC Team Taiwan was the first time Taiwan has ever participated in the World Schools Debating Championship.

Since 2015, the Taiwan Debate Union has selected and trained Team Taiwan for WSDC.

In addition, we also train over 25 debaters to attend other international parliamentary debate competitions.

Not only will these students be bringing Taiwan to the world, but they will also be bringing debate back to Taiwan.


The WSDC Team Taiwan is managed by the national coaching team and the Taiwan Debate Union. To stay in touch with news from the Taiwan Debate Union, join our open forum Facebook group here. You would find a list of upcoming events as well as regular news regarding important debating developments within the Taiwanese English debating community.


We welcome all forms of support, inquiries or interest in English competitive debating and what we do.

WSDC Taiwan.

WSDC Team Taiwan Alumni


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