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Selection for National Pool 2018

Hi all,

What you've been waiting for!

After a competitive try-out with over 50 debaters, and the hard work of our our judges/selectors, we are super-pumped to announce the 11 individuals invited to join our National Team Pool for the year of 2018.

You may remember that we originally intended to select 6-10 debaters. We felt that some candidates were so competitive that it merits consideration of expanding our originally intended pool size - so we did.

In addition, we would like to announce the selection of two additional reserve team members. This was not originally planned. However, we felt that given those individuals' performance - this new category is justified. Where a spot may arise in the future, or if the coaching staff decide to expand thenational pool in 2018, the reserve candidates will take priority in our decision-making process.

Additionally, depending on coaches' discretion and feasibility, we may open some of the future team pool training sessions to other high school students (even if they’re not in the pool), so long as they register their interest in advance. In those select cases where these training sessions are on offer, we will announce those opportunities in advance. So keep an eye out for this opportunity! We were truly excited by the potential we see today and we want to work with you closely in the future to realize Taiwan's potential. :)

And now for the 11 debaters, in alphabetical order:

  • Brandon Yu (Taipei Fuhsing Private School)*

  • Darren Fang (Taipei American School)

  • Ginny Hwang (Dominican International School)

  • Iris Lu (International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park)

  • Jeffery Cheng (International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park)*

  • Judy Chiu (Pu Tai Senior High School)*

  • Kevin Cheng (Morrison Christian Academy)

  • Kristina Yang (Taipei American School)

  • Michelle Lee (Taipei Fuhsing Private School)

  • Nicole Chiu (Pu Tai Senior High School)

  • Victor Su (International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park)*

(*indication of a debater who was part of the 2017 Team Pool)

And for the 2 candidates on our reserves list, in alphabetical order:

  • Lenno Streiter (International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park)

  • Nichole Campbell (International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park)

Have a lovely weekend. We intend to release the full tab tomorrow. As mentioned in the last post, additional information on WSDC national pool2018 will be shared with our candidates and some of that will be publicly shared on this page. Please bear in mind that the final list of individuals who are able to attend our trainings as a member of the pool is still subject to signing of a MOU and paying a deposit on time (more information will be sent to you regarding this).

Best, Taiwan Debate Union coaching and management staff

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